Web site for Polimi Communication Design alumni

Concept, research, alumni interviews, group coordination, UI/UX design, keynote presentation structure and storytelling.


Politecnico di Milano

Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Indesign, React, Gatsby, GraphQL

Tommaso Negri, Matteo Pini, Gaia Silvani

The project consists in the creation of a meeting-point, to collect the experiences of all the alumni of the Communication Design course at Politecnico di Milano. The tool we have chosen is a website, effective repository for collecting various stories of the designers that had attended this university course in the past. It offers the possibility to browse into the alumni’s profiles, each of them telling his/her story through a project that they consider particularly significant for their experience. An extremely specific search mode allows the user to look for and find the various profiles, to select them according to their work status, their specialization areas and if they have ever won or been nominated for awards. There is also a section for interviews with designers, where they have a chance to introduce themselves in a more direct way. The site has an extremely simple navigation, built around a clear content hierarchy, selection of few colors and a user friendly structure.

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