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A data-viz analysis of petition trends on platform

Concept, dataset building and refining, Rawgraphs, Gephi


Politecnico di Milano

RawGraphs, Gephi, Excel, Python, Adobe Illustrator

Michele Bruno, Celeste Casolino, Luca Draisci, Virginia Leccisotti, Barbara Roncalli, Sara Zanardi

The goal is to analyze some controversial aspects of society, process them into questions, and return a data visualization that helps the user understand which elements of society itself are being questioned.
The research was based on the theme of slacktivism, the practice of supporting a political or social cause through social media or online petitions, characterized by involving minimal effort or commitment.
The platform taken into analysis was, one of the most popular platforms used to post online petitions. From the analysis of the petitions, three questions arose: What topics are most frequently associated with Covid-19 in Canada, Great Britain, India, Italy and the United States in petitions posted on What are the most common words used on by people who leave a comment after signing petitions on mandatory masks in the United States? What are the most common subjects and graphic treatments of images used in U.S. petitions on mandatory masks on

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