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Research, graphic layout, editorial design, photographic image processing, infographics design.


DAStU – Dipartimento di Architettura e Studi Urbani

Adobe Indesign, Adobe Photoshop, JavaScript, JQuery

Tommaso Negri, Matteo Pini, Gaia Silvani, coordinated by Umberto Tolino and Stefano Mandato

The TF Journal was born from the idea of communicating to a wide audience the progress and results of the project on territorial fragilities, while trying to reflect on its management and future developments.
The Journal is supported by a series of tools, channels and languages developed within a strategy of engaged scholarship that aims to expand the concepts of communication and dissemination of research: the logo and the corporate image give visibility and recognizability to the project and facilitate the identification of the teachers and researchers involved; the website allows to publicize details and initiatives of the project and to put actors, products and initiatives ‘on the net’; the blog hosts real-time contributions and insights, many of them dedicated to the “territorial” fallout of the pandemic crisis; social channels amplify messages and allow a more widespread dissemination of the events promoted within the project.
The first issue of the TF Journal (September 2021) offers a space for reflection and comparison, not only for DAStU staff, but for all stakeholders interested in participating and collaborating in the production of knowledge around the theme of territorial fragilities.

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